Welcome to Strife AI

Strife AI is machine learning for game developers, by game developers. In other words, we’re in the market to help studios and talented individuals make better video games. With our machine learning (ML) tools, that means smarter, more interactive characters, an appropriate level of challenge for players, and an immersive, dynamic experience you can’t get with static programming alone. 


Strife AI: Who We Are

We started Strife AI with a simple idea: to improve video games with the help of machine learning. Our founders are all gamers at heart, and we’re tired of lazy, uninspired, or “fake” AI giving us the same stagnant gaming experiences. We wanted something different—and something that could help game developers everywhere reach new creative heights. 

We started by developing our own ML-powered video game, Human-Like, available to play on Steam right now! In the process, we developed a machine learning library that makes it easy to integrate ML into your own games. 

As for the future, we hope to democratize ML and AI in the world of game development. We believe the video game industry is on the threshold of a mind-blowing leap forward, and our toolkit could be part of the catalyst that pushes it there. 


Our Team 

Learn more about the team who built Strife AI from the ground up: 

  • Brendan Mulcahy.
    Brendan is the founder and CEO of Strife AI. His mission is to bring machine learning (ML) to the gaming industry, through their video games and ML library. Brendan wrote his first computer game 15 years ago and has been hooked on programming since. In 2018, Brendan co-founded Cleveland AI, a nonprofit with the mission of educating Cleveland-area developers in the subjects of artificial intelligence and ML.
  • Ben Kanelos.
    Ben is a game theorist and designer with over a decade of experience. He implements ML as a game design element, taking conceptual designs from idea to finished product.
  • Michael Wilder.
    Armed with over a decade of C/C++ programming experience and a Masters of Science in computer science, Michael is lead game developer and engine architect. Building the core engine and tools used to help bring machine learning to games.
  • Patrick Howard.
    With a passion for games as an art and a passion for memorable experiences, Patrick M. Howard is a game developer and digital creative. Helping make the vision of machine learning and video games a reality.
  • Lexy Alfman.
    The lead artist at Strife AI, Lexy is a Kent State graduate who specializes in computer animation and illustration. She supports the team by creating artwork and animations to visually represent machine learning in video games.

Want to join the team? We’re looking for an experienced ML programmer to help us round out our roster. Contact us with your resume and a brief cover letter describing why you want to work with Strife AI! 



Strife AI has been awarded $25,000 through the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE), paid out of the Ohio Innovation Fund. We are looking to raise another $450,000 in capital in the next 6 months. If you’re interested in becoming an investor, contact us for more details!


Partner With Us!

Are you a game development studio or an independent developer who wants to use ML to create a truly unique gaming experience? There’s good news: we’re looking for partners. Contact us today, and find out how we can work together.