Dev Diary: What's in a Name?

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We’ve been quiet following the release of Human-Like on Steam... that’s because we’re hard at work at our next machine-learning enhanced game. We’re not releasing full details yet, but have been kicking around some names and concepts with the team. Instead of keeping the whole thing under wraps, we want to know what you think. Here’s some context:


A planet that isn’t Earth. The future. Year unknown.


We have lost track of the sols since the Disconnect - the day we lost contact with Earth. Supply convoys have stopped arriving, and we’ve been left to fend for ourselves. Without shipments of spare parts, we had to shut down our terraforming stations. Our domed cities required too much energy to keep running, so we’ve retreated to the bunkers used by the first settlers. Resources are dwindling, and we have to fight to survive. We converted our mechs meant for farming, construction, and exploration into weapons of war - a natural step. Now we battle each other for life-saving scrap to survive another cycle.


So, what name do you want to see appear on the title screen after that intro? Our current pitches:

Scavengers of Promethei

Promethei Terra is a heavily cratered highland on Mars where the game would be set. Scavengers of Promethei would have players scrapping to survive on the red planet in a somewhat near-future setting.

Weapons of Wolf

Wolf 1061c is an exoplanet in the habitable zone of a red dwarf star about 13.8 light years from Earth. Weapons of Wolf would feature a far-future setting on a very alien world.

Project Mindlink

Our next game will feature robots that players can control and teach to help them in battle. If setting doesn’t matter as much, are players more interested in foregrounding the mechs?


Let us know your thoughts, and don’t forget to VOTE!


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